Friday, June 3, 2011

WSJ on Jack Daniel's

For those of us who live in our own backwoods or don't give a damn about the corporate state that engineered a hostile takeover of US of A, Inc. somewhere along the way and and therefore don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal (owned by an Aussie no less), here's a link to the WSJ article on why the JD distillery aka Brow-Forman changed the iconic black label on their whiskey bottle. (Well, that was a mouthful of a sentence.) 

No doubt the WSJ reporter enjoyed his boondoggle (see below), but all in all I think the JD flunkies like Mr. Eddy (whom I once met and was a nice guy and was enjoying life in a plush Nashville-area office) could have been pushed a little harder. Not that we're talking Whiskeygate mind you.

Conclusion: the mere mention of my book in the WSJ is cause for celebration so a little Jack is in order and at 12:21 PM I've made an executive decision to retire with a bottle for the day. Later I'll check Amazon to see if the 8-year old book cracked the top 500,000 rank in sales, although I imagine it'll be doing better in Amazon's used book market where I don't get a cent of royalty. (Thanks Mr. Bezos for your brilliance.) Now where's that bottle?