Monday, September 12, 2011

Jack Daniel Featured on CNBC

OK, so I said I wouldn't be posting very often and it has indeed been a while, however you define while. Meanwhile, ol' Jasper "Jack" Daniel remains a hot topic. He was featured on CNBC's Titan series with yours truly providing some commentary. I was so proud of CNBC because they worked in the true story of why Jack called his whiskey Old No. 7! A story the distillery and big brother Brown Forman won't accept - except they didn't exactly deny it in the Titan's program. Go to the link and explore the program - it's pretty darn good.

On a side note. An old acquaintance of mine and quintessential Jack fan recently shot me an email with a Jack revelation courtesy of an old timer with ancestral roots in Lynchburg going back to Jack's time. According to this old timer, Jack never married because he was sterile! Ergo, no need to plan on a dynasty and he could philander without worry! I apologize for taking this to the lowest common denominator, but sometimes dry history needs jazzed up a bit, and remember the county in which JD is made is DRY!